What is ventriloquism?  How do ventriloquists do it?  Can someone really throw their voice?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not strain your voice to do ventriloquism.  For some people that take my online video ventriloquist course, that revelation helps them breathe easier.  There is so much misinformation about pushing your voice and squeezing it out to create a ventriloquial voice.  Well don’t worry, you don’t have to.

One of the jobs of a ventriloquist is to create a believable character.  To do that, the puppet or object you make talk, must have a distinctly unique voice.  In the Learn Ventriloquism free lessons, you will discover how to create that voice and instantly find it when your puppet begins to speak.

So what is ventriloquism?  It is the illusion that something is talking and alive.  Today we have images and voices transmitted through the airwaves.  At one time, the only way something could talk was if it were alive.  A voice meant life, and ventriloquism was a powerful, feared art form.

Today, ventriloquism is used to entertain.  Extremely popular, the top grossing touring comedian, is a ventriloquist, and another is headlining his own theatre in Las Vegas.  So how do ventriloquists do it?  Can you really throw your voice?  And how can you learn ventriloquism?

This is an excellent place to start!

Ventriloquism – How To Do It!