Until I created the Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism course, there were only a few ways to learn ventriloquism online.  The options consisted of free ventriloquism websites, searching for information from a variety of sources that only touched on the subject, sites that sold ventriloquist books, DVDs and lessons or YouTube videos.

Each had drawbacks.  To learn ventriloquism on Youtube, you ended up sitting through a ton of videos that spoof ventriloquists.  Most of the videos were poorly made, and the skills were not adequately explained.  Others offered completely incorrect information.  You could surf Youtube all day and be no closer to learning ventriloquism than when you started.

Web sites that sold books, DVD’s videos and other ventriloquist supplies required you to wait for the materials to arrive in the mail.  There was no way to satisfy the “I want it now” person.

Most free web sites left people feeling frustrated that you could not produce the results they promised.  Instructions were not clear and in many cases, end up being incorrect.  Add to that the web sites that are designed to promote product and produce sales for people who aren’t even ventriloquists, and the Internet method to learn ventriloquism online becomes a mess.

As a professional ventriloquist, it hurts me to see the art abused by people.  Anyone interested in learning ventriloquism should be able to get access to proper instruction.  Let the people who are only curious play the misinformation game.  The Learn Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course is designed for people who want to learn how to be a ventriloquist.

If you are seriously interested in learning ventriloquism, you have found the right place.

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