Before contacting the administrator, please check to see if your problem with the site is answered here. We want to get you to your lessons ASAP.

I Never Got The First Email ...

Some email hosts hold up our emails because they come from an autoresponder service. They want to protect you from spam. Those filters place a delay on the delivery. That is no good if you want to start right away.

Here is what to do: go to the home page and sign up from the emails again. Once you submit, you will be taken to another page. On that page, at the bottom is a link you can click to register a user account on the site and get started with lesson one.

I Never Got The First Lesson ...

On the main page, all you did was sign up for the emails. Accessing the lessons requires a user account on the web site. The first email contains a link you MUST click to create a user account and password. Simply go to that email and follow the directions. If you did not get the first email, please read that FAQ above.

I Got An Error Page When I Tried To Open A Lesson ...

The system releases lessons on a 24 hour basis as long as you remain signed on. (Simply close your browser or navigate away when finished – DO NOT SIGN OUT!)

It is important you note the time you actually get to lesson one! (Or six if you bought the time released course.) Your lesson will release at that time each day – and not a minute sooner.

Emails tend to arrive early as they come from another server that hosts our autoresponder.

Some people tend to click on the email link the moment it arrives. If the system hasn’t updated, they get an error page.

Chances are, you will need to clear your web browser’s cache and try again AFTER your lesson’s release time.

If you still can not access the lesson – make sure you are signed in and then try a forced page reload of the sign in page:┬áDepending on your operating system all you need to do is the following key combination:

Windows: ctrl + F5
Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
Linux: F5

Then try to click the link in the users menu. If the link appears in your user menu – you do have access to the lesson. Something with your web browser is preventing you reaching it.

I Purchased The Course But Did Not Get Access To Lesson Six ...

Something went wrong. After paying with PayPal or ClickBank, you should be redirected back to the website to a special sign in page. If you left the payment site too soon, you may have missed that redirect. Contact me and I will check to make certain the payment went through and help you access your lessons.

Do You Offer Personal Coaching? Can I Call You?

No. The course is designed as a virtual coaching tool. The forum available to paid members will help you with questions and problems. As a professional entertainer, I am too busy with my career and other projects to offer personal one on one coaching. I do check on students and help them, but all lessons and materials are handled inside the paid members area.

The Time Release Doesn't Work For Me ...

Some web browsers and ant-virus software prevent the cookies required by this site. If you experience issues with the time release during the free lessons, I recommend you purchase full access to the course. There is a purchase button for that at the bottom of the home page.

Are There Other Ways To Learn?

Yes. Please check out for other available materials.

How To Use The Forum

You must be a paid member of the course to access the user forum. The following video should help you to navigate and use the forum.