There are several professional ventriloquists that offer ventriloquism videos. They sell DVD’s online and following their shows as a method to supplement their income. It is another way of serving their audience.

When I released the Learn-Ventriloquism Online Ventriloquism Course, I received plenty of requests for DVD’s. People wanted to be able to watch the lessons on television whenever they wanted. Other vendors and magic shops asked me to create a multi-DVD set of lessons and a workbook. They envisioned retail prices of up to $375.

I gave their thoughts serious consideration. The biggest problem I had with a DVD course was this:
DVD’s and videos are usually viewed beginning to end. The time released nature of this web site creates the private lesson mentality. You cannot progress, so you must work on the material I provide each day. Even if it isn’t what you want to work on.

The lessons are building blocks. The first five lessons and free bonus article teach no lip control. That is because the first two lessons are so important I want you to work on them. If you do, by the time you reach the labials, you will find you can nail them!

Had I not discovered the time release software this site is based on, it would never have existed. I didn’t create this course as an income supplement. I created this Ventriloquism Video Online Course to serve the people who truly want to learn ventriloquism. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

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