Today was busy! We finished setting lights, sound and video, then checked the entire showroom. I met up with a lot of people from the course to have lunch and had a great time. This afternoon I was on line meet and greet. We have an amazing number of people here from all corners of the globe.

Following the red dot meeting, (first timers) we had a meet and greet with some of the Detweiler family. Adelia was unable to make it due to her health, but it was a pleasure meeting the family that was able to attend.

Tonight’s show was emceed by Marty Hahne and featured Chris Donahoe, Liz VonSeggen and John Pizzi. Dale Brown presented a lecture on how to get and work banquet shows and Pete Michaels closed with a chat on “Brushing Up Your Ventriloquism Technique”. The dealers rooms were opened at the same time as Pete’s lecture and I understand that Axtell’s table was almost sold out and all the dealers were very busy.

Enjoy today’s clips and I’ll try to get more tomorrow.