Today was incredible! Great lectures by Dan Horn on manipulation and John Pizzi on a ton of concepts and ideas. We had the Junior and Senior open mics. I was busy during the Senior open mice, but did watch the juniors and I have to tell you – we’ve got a bright future in ventriloquism. They were great!

This afternoon also featured a lecture by the Dummy Doctor – Alan Semok. Our Thursday night show featured Al Getler and a guest from Germany (sorry I can’t think of his name as I write this – but he did a chapeau act and got a standing ovation!) Tim & Amanda Cowles and David Turner.

Following that was the Maher tribute – and a surprise announcement that the Detweiler family has given the business to Mark and Jody Wade! There will be more on that to follow.

The raffle was fast and fun as usual and LV member Chuck Lyons walked away with a couple of prizes. Finally the general open mice were running as I recorded interviews for upcoming blog posts and to archive at the VentHaven Museum.

Start saving for 2014 if you aren’t here! It shouldn’t be missed. Enjoy the video clips…