I’m not a huge fan of cheap ventriloquist dummies.  You get what you pay for, and in most cases, cheap ventriloquist dummies are ugly toys.  Pull strings at the neck are not professional.  You can’t manipulate the figure and it ruins the illusion of ventriloquism, which is to create the illusion of life.

I understand though, that beginning ventriloquists, people just learning how to be a ventriloquist, need a puppet to work with, practice with and decide if they want to invest further if they can learn and master the art.

For that reason, when the Learn-Ventriloquism started, I assembled an on-line store for members only, that featured simple starter puppets.  As the course grew, so did the on-line store.  I’ve added joke books, ventriloquism books, biographies of Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator.  DVD’s of ventriloquists, and even ventriloquist supplies, such as trunks for ventriloquist puppets and sound equipment for shows.

Recently someone asked if I would consider making the on-line ventriloquism store available to the public.  Since the store is actually an Amazon Storefront, I figured that people could find these supplies in other places.  Instead, I found out that having a storefront with all the materials in one place would be appreciated, and so with that, I now announce the Learn-Ventriloquism On-Line Virtual Ventriloquist Shop!

If you are looking for a starter ventriloquist puppet, or a ventriloquist dummy (although – spoiler alert – I only list the Little Jeff ventriloquist dummy because it has a head stick and is a great value for the price) please visit my new on-line store!