Mike Palma agreed to give us a mini-lecture on ventriloquist figure mechanics. If you are a hard figure lover, (and even if you are not) seeing inside of these creations is amazing. Professional figures can not be mass-produced. The mechanics must be installed by hand and each maker has his or her own way of doing things. Seeing another maker’s work is a very educational experience.

Have you ever wanted to own a figure, but it was too expensive? Have you ever wished you could build your own ventriloquist figure? Now you can. Mike Palma created his How To Build A Ventriloquist Figure course for Maher Studios. It is a start to finish HD video course that takes you step by step from concept to performance ready. You’ll follow Mike at each step and see exactly how to sculpt, mold, cast, assemble, build and even paint!

To learn more about Mike Palma’s How To Build A Ventriloquist Figure, click the link to visit Maher Studios!

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