Matt Bailey is kicking off the VH ConVENTion with a couple of guest interviews. I asked Matt if he would consider doing a special interview for the HomeVENTioneers. Matt graciously agreed and here it is – Matt Bailey with Ken Groves!

Note: This IS NOT the Ventriloquism Weekly interview Matt did with Ken on his site.
This interview was created especially for our HomeVENTioneers.

Take a few moments to share any thoughts you have in the comments below. No thoughts? Then at least say hello to Ken and Matt. We’ll get your comments approved ASAP. (I’m going to be busy doing sound checks for the Wednesday night show – and need to eat at some point – but will try to get all comments posted shortly.)

Speaking of dinner – go grab something healthy and get back here – the Big Wednesday Night Show starts at 7:30 PM!

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