Taking lessons provides the most benefit for those trying to learn ventriloquism.  When people read a book or watch a video, they tend to choose what they focus on.  As a result, some aspects are overlooked when in reality, they are important to the learning process.

Ventriloquism lessons offer students the chance to practice what the instructor deems important.  In the proper order, the lessons build upon each other until the student has finally mastered the material.

Private ventriloquism lessons can be expensive if you want to learn from a professional ventriloquist.  In the past, every time I was approached with a request to teach someone ventriloquism, I passed on the opportunity.   My performance schedule would interfere with the process and make teaching difficult.

When I was introduced to the time released software that runs the Learn-Ventriloquism web site, I knew it would provide an excellent opportunity.  The software made it possible to present a virtual video course with each ventriloquism lesson being released automatically.

In thirty-six lessons, the course covers everything from the basics of ventriloquism, to presentational skills.  Among the materials discussed are:

Breathing, Tongue Exercises, Puppets, Creating A Voice, Key Phrases, Vocal Expression, Proper Ventriloquist Mouth Position, The Ventriloquist Alphabet, Simple Words, Adding Resonance To Your Voice, The Labials – B,F,M,P & V, Creating A Character Profile, Puppet Manipulation, Puppet Pantomime, Mouth Synchronization, Character Expression, Tips For Practicing, Clarify Your Ventriloquist Voice, Practicing Dialogue, A Method For Rapid Improvement, Talking The Room, Distant Voice, The Joke File, Writing Original Comedy, Chunks – what they are, how to write them and how to practice them, Modifying Jokes For Your Show, Setting Up and Planning Your Show, Practing A Show, Performance Tips, Pre-Show Preparation, and Getting Shows.

If you’ve ever wanted to take ventriloquism lessons, don’t wait!  The first five lessons are absolutely free!