How do you practice ventriloquism?  I get that question a lot.  The vocal chords are muscles.  You want to use them, but not strain them.

Most ventriloquists will tell you to start with short 10 minute practices spaced throughout your day.  You can practice while driving, watching TV, walking, showering, etc.  I started that way myself and highly recommend it for beginners.  Make practicing a habit and keep it fun.  If you do that, you will continue to practice and continue to improve.

Once you start practicing chunks (you learn about those in my online ventriloquism video course) your practices will begin to get longer.  By the time you start practicing shows, you will find some of your rehearsals will run up to an hour.

I have found that even when I have long rehearsals, the short practices have become so routine, I continue to do those too.  Proper rehearsal and practice are the keys to getting good.   As long as you do not strain your voice, keep practicing!

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