When the Learn-Ventriloquism on-line Ventriloquism course was released, people who reviewed and tested the site asked me how I could offer the course for the low fee of $97.  They were blown away by the value.  Thirty-six lessons and two bonus articles, time released and a combination of video and written instruction.  It is a major leap forward in teaching the art.

As time continues, and people go through the free lessons, they automatically receive a follow up e-mail when they don’t join.  The e-mail asks them why they chose not to continue.  Some don’t respond, some reply they were merely curious, others let me know they intend to join in the future.

The ones that surprise me are those who say the course is too expensive.

Last time I checked – a good birthday party act was charging anywhere from $150 to $300.  So if you took the time to invest in the course, and actually learn ventriloquism – you should be able to recoup or even double your money with one show.

The information based in the Learn-Ventriloquism course has allowed me to travel the world as a corporate entertainer.  Others have learned and improved their shows for fairs, festivals and community performances.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or an experienced ventriloquist who wants to renew their skills – this course can help.

Too expensive?  The only way this course is too expensive is if you don’t intend to use the information.