I share today’s video clip with Matt Fleckenstein, one of my Learn Ventriloquism students, to explain what is about to happen. Matt is fairly new to vent, and was not aware of the role Clinton Detweiler played in the lives of so many ventriloquists.

On May 1, the Learn Ventriloquism Blog Project starts.

Every day, Monday through Saturday, a new video clip from an interview will appear. These will be short clips so they are easy to watch, and hopefully bring you back to learn about my guests.

My guests will be people who are currently taking my online ventriloquism course, all the way through the pros. Some of the people I have already interviewed include Conrad Hartz, Mark Wade, Ian Varella, Bob Rumba, and Donald Woodford. But there are so many more. The site is pre-scheduled, but during the VentHaven ConVENTion, I will be shooting quick update clips and putting them up each day. My goal is to make this blog about the wonderful people in this art. We will share tips, and information – but the focus will always be on the community.