This is no ventriloquism how to. Today we are going to discuss performance. It is one aspect of the art that many people fail to learn.

Just because someone masters the technique of talking without moving their lips, doesn’t make them a ventriloquist. You can add manipulation of a character, puppet or figure to that equation, and while they may have the tools required, it doesn’t mean they can perform.

In the member’s forum, we’ve been having some great discussions about comedy and being nervous on stage. Both take time to master. They also require getting in front of an audience as often as possible. Studied repetition and practice help us improve. You can’t perfect something without actually doing it.

During the free lessons of the Learn Ventriloquism course, I discuss Vocal Expression. It is important to create emotion and expression in your character’s voice. No one wants to listen to a monotone drawl. Pulling the audience into your illusion requires stage presence. Being expressive and creating a focus helps to achieve this.

Remember that the very phrase Perform Ventriloquism is made up of two words. Both are important in the equation. Once you’ve mastered the technique of ventriloquism, work hard on mastering performance. Acting is required to create the illusion of life. Study it. Take it seriously. Be a Robert DeNiro, Glenn Close or Dustin Hoffman instead of a community theater thespian and you will find your audiences appreciate the effort.

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