Today I’d like to welcome back the stars of Kid Show Ventriloquism for part three of a five part series on entertaining the kids!

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Back so soon? Great. Today I ask my guests a question that should help every kid show entertainer:

Question #3:
What is the most important thing a kid show entertainer should do?


Neale with a happy audience!

Neale Bacon: The single most important thing to do is to like kids. I know that sounds like a given, but you would be amazed at how many kids performers don’t even like kids They just see it as an easy market (which it is not!).They should study children – find out what they are into and what makes them tick. If you come in as a phony who doesn’t like kids, they will spot it in a heartbeat and will just not respond.


Steve Petra pays his help big money!

Steve Petra: Entertain. Obvious? Don’t assume. Some kid show performers enter the field with a love for kids, a love for puppets, a love for magic, etc. Those alone are not qualifications. Understanding how to entertain an audience of kids requires a dedication to learning, developing and implementing the theatrical elements of entertainment. Keep your imagination on call. It is your most valuable tool! Of course, if you don’t love kids, it is wise to look elsewhere for your ideal vocation.


Colin and Sir Nigel

Colin Dymond: For the kids; Make ‘em laugh!
For the booker; be professional, send a clear contract, turn up on time, look the part!

Lisa rivets the audience's attention

Lisa rivets the audience’s attention

Lisa Laird: The most important thing a kid show entertainer should be is flexible. You should be very prepared for every show and situation, but you have to be flexible. Things happen with children’s shows that are completely out of your control and you cannot allow them to fluster you.

Mark appeared on the cover of the Rubber Chicken!

Mark appeared on the cover of the Rubber Chicken!

Mark Wade: I am sorry but I can’t name just one. First, you must love kids and love working for them. As I mentioned in “Kidshow Ventriloquism”, kids can spot a phony or someone who doesn’t really like them, and they will respond to that. The second thing is to have fun with them..make your show a playtime with them. Stick to your educational messages if you are doing a school show, but actually engage them in play. Every kid show should have these two important elements.

I’d like to thank my guests again for taking the time to provide these insights!

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