It is time to continue The Stars of Kid Show Ventriloquism series on entertaining the kids!

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Today I ask my guests:

Question #4:
What is the most important thing a kid show entertainer should remember?

Neale Bacon: What is the most important thing a kid show entertainer should remember? I have a favourite quote by Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) “Children are not less intelligent, they less experience in the world.” In other words, don’t treat children as stupid, don’t talk down to them.

Steve Petra:
It’s all about the audience. It is so easy to get caught up in all that must be mastered in a performance. Your script, puppet manipulation, skilled execution of a magic trick, all these need your attention. Do not let the burden of all of that distract you from a true awareness of your audience. They are the judge. When you set up your show, take time to walk about where the audience will be seated. Get their view. Grow in understanding of their sensibilities and how they perceive every aspect of your show. Be AUDIENCE AWARE.



Colin Dymond: You are there to entertain the kids, if the adults enjoy the show then great but don’t aim it at them.



Lisa Laird:
The most important thing to remember is to have fun! If you are having fun then your audience will have fun! That does not mean you don’t have tons of work to do at home and in preparation for the shows – that is a given. And sometimes that “homework” can be very taxing, but remember the smiles on the faces of the children and have fun!!


Mark Wade: I would say ALWAYS be aware of what is appropriate for kids. Although you want to do a show on their level you can’t be pulled into the trap of relying on inappropriate humor. I’m not talking about dirty jokes, it goes without saying we all should avoid this , but relying on borderline “bathroom humor”. Sure that will get laughs but remember the parents are the ones who will rebook you, not the kids, and if the parents or teachers think it’s inappropriate you will not come back.

Avoid bodily function sounds and jokes and NEVER say anything that could be meant as something crude. My motto … “when in doubt, leave it out!”.

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