At 3:30 PM (EST) – The VentHaven ConVENTion opens its registration table so ventriloquists from across the globe can get their convention packages. Once the name badges go on, people start mingling and preparing to enter the showroom.

Now is the time for all HomeVENTioneers to mingle below in the comments with your name and where you are from. Give us a brief introduction so we can get to know each other!

(All comments require approval to avoid Spam – so submit and we will make sure they are posted asap!)

Participation in the HomeVENTion is a major part of making this fun, so please take a moment to officially say hello!

At 4:30 PM (EST) – VH welcomes the red-dotters (first-timers) to the Marriott and explains how things will work. Even though many of you are not first-timers to the HomeVENTion, since it is running slightly different this year, we will host a special Red Dotter event and video at 4:30. So say hello now and I’ll talk with you soon!


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