Time for part four of the Ask The Legends series, in which I asked three legends of our art five questions. If you just found this article, I recommend you start at the beginning:

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Then come back to continue …

Today I ask the question:

If you could only work with one of your characters – which one would you chose and why?


David Strassman: Ted E Bare. He is sad, lonely, love’s unconditionally, and really cuts through to audiences feelings.


Jimmy Nelson: Danny O’Day, of course. He had all the best lines and got away with a lot without offending his audience!


Jay Johnson: If I could only perform with one character for the rest of my time it would be Bob, my partner from SOAP.  He is broader and has more directions to go than most of my others.  Darwin, my monkey character, is one of my favorites but no matter what material he does it starts with him being a monkey.  Specialty characters are great and funny, but to choose only one character it needs to have great depth.

The character of choice may not surprise any who follow their careers, however the reasons are enlightening. If you could only work with one character (your own) which would you choose? Why? And have these answers inspired you to build out your characters to a greater depth? Let us know in the comments below.