Today we begin part three of the Ask The Legends Series. If you haven’t seen parts one and two – check them out before you start here:

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Today’s question is:
Who was the most influential person in your career and why?

David Strassman:
Steve Hart, who taught me not only ventriloquism, but believed in my talents and gave me the idea of advertising in the local paper to do kid shows. That ‘business’ sense started me on my path to now producing full 2 hour shows in 1000 seat theatres.

Jay Johnson:
Since a career is comprised of equal parts business and art, it is difficult to pare it down to a single person. Charles R. Meeker, Jr. the first producer I ever worked for, is perhaps most influential on the business side of my career. His examples were not always the positive kind, but he did teach me how the business side thinks and works. Artistically I would have to say Gerald S. Tate, my voice coach, and Arthur G. Sieving, my vent mentor and figure maker, shaped my career the most artistically.

Jimmy Nelson:
My manager, Louis W. Cohan of Chicago, who took a young unknown ventriloquist, got him noticed and pushed hard to get him bookings with the top agencies. When you’re busy perfecting your act and performing, management can make all the difference in your career.

Now is the time to join the conversation and let us know – Who was the most influential person in your career and why? We look forward to your comments below!