Today we continue the Ask The Legends series, where I asked my friends, Jimmy Nelson, Jay Johnson and David Strassman to answer five questions. If you didn’t see question one, I recommend you start there by clicking this link: Ask The Pros – Part One.

Today’s Question:
“What is your favorite ventriloquist figure of all time and why?”

Jimmy Nelson:
I have to say, modestly, that my character, Danny O’Day, is my favorite!  I can say that because I didn’t carve him.  He was made by the master figure maker, Frank Marshall, and it is one of his best works. It is a handsome, childlike face with an impish look. He has served me well over the years and I can’t imagine working with any other main figure. I have admired others, but Danny is my favorite!

Jay Johnson: 
Visually I think that Charlie McCarthy is one of the most beautifully elegant figures of all time.  However, Danny O’Day is the personality I like the best.  Danny has a Chicago street quality that I adore.  For me my favorite ventriloquist figure would always be the one that expresses the most character no matter what the physical appearance.  Jay Marshall’s Lefty is a good example of a simple puppet with incredible character.

David Strassman:
I think Charlie McCarthy’s character and attitude gave me the perfect template for Father/son, antagonist/protagonist relationship that I use to this day.

Who is your favorite ventriloquist figure of all time and why? Let us know in the comment section below!