The Dealer’s Rooms just opened in Kentucky. Some of the finest dealers of ventriloquist figures, puppets, props and educational materials are there. Here are a couple of pics from last year’s dealer’s rooms …


At the conVENTion, you can try on a puppet to see how it fits your hand. You can play with a figure to get a feel for the mechanics. You can talk with the maker, discuss the purchase with other vents and get on-the-spot advice and ideas.

For the HomeVENTion, we’ve got different on-line products each night of the event. Be aware that some of the special pricing deals will disappear at the end of the HomeVENTion – so if you see a daily deal you are interested in – grab it while it is available!

Click on the images below for more information:


Tonight’s Deal:
Tom Crowl’s Lip Service – Only $10!

Remember – each night the dealer’s room will feature different products and ideas, so be sure to check back!

See you tomorrow …