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Clinton Detweiler’s name pops into my mind almost every day.  I never met the man in person, but he had a profound impact on my career.  When I started in ventriloquism, Clinton ran Maher Studios.  I purchased the Maher Course Of Ventriloquism from him, he graded my tests, watched my video, graduated me and gave me advice.  He was a supportive, kind and caring man.

After Clinton passed, the community felt the void.  He had been instrumental in helping every major ventriloquist today, along with many you may never hear about.

When I was asked to help revive Maher Studios, I was honored to be considered. Each and every day I ask myself if I am doing enough to carry on Clinton’s legacy of helping others.  And so with that in mind…

What can I do to help you become the best ventriloquist you can be?