Over the past days I’ve showed you ways I’ve gotten the word out about my act.  I hope the concepts I shared helped you to come up with some ideas.

In the Learn-Ventriloquism course and the Maher Interactive Course, I discuss approaching groups in which you are a member.  A church group, a school group, a social group, a work group, it doesn’t matter.  When people gather, sometimes entertainment is a welcome addition.  Let them know you are available to help if needed.  You may not get paid for these, but you have to start somewhere.  Free shows will quickly teach you what is good and bad about a situation.  You will learn how to avoid problems and develop confidence as you improve.

Again, I encourage you to send me your tales of success and/or failure.  I am here to help and would love to feature you on the Learn-Ventriloquism blog!  Thanks for reading!