The Thursday night show has drawn to a close and now we’ve got a panel discussion on stage in the showroom. Moderator Tom Ladshaw will discuss “How To Rehearse Your Show” with star panelists – Jimmy Nelson, Mark Wade, Pete Michaels and Lynn Trefezger-Joy.

Following the formal discussion, questions are opened to the floor so conVENTioneers may quiz  the pros.

For those of you who couldn’t be here, let me share a few thoughts to get you thinking:

First – many people confuse practice with rehearsing. Practice is when you work on a specific part of the show. A new line, lip control, manipulation, pantomime, a small bit or routine.

Rehearsing is when you set up the show and go through beginning to end. At that point, all of the routines are perfected. You know what you are doing. Rehearsal allows you to put it all together into a smooth performance.

When you rehearse, you know where your props will be. You know how you will enter and exit. You perfect the transitions between bits so the audience doesn’t lose attention.

Have you practiced today? Or rehearsed? You can’t just pick up the puppet and expect to be good. Take a bit of time to go practice now!