Have you ever wondered what goes into the creation of an online course like Learn Ventriloquism?

When I first started this course, a lot of people thought I was a techno-wizard. The automated release of the lessons, the videos, the emails, the extras, must be complicated.

The truth is, they CAN be if you try to navigate the technology by yourself.

I put in hundreds of hours learning the software and mechanisms behind this and my other online products. There was also a ton of money spent on hiring experts to help me when I had problems. (Just recently I spent almost a thousand dollars on experts thanks to server issues …)

Why would I do that?

Because the Learn Ventriloquism Course, The Script Writing Course, Discussions On Showmanship, Vocal Versatility, Maher Studios and my other online ventures earn income. I didn’t intend to create passive income when I started, but the results have been amazing.

As an entertainer, if I didn’t have shows, I didn’t make any money. Part time jobs were out of the question because they could interfere with shows. Creating online courses and information products allowed me to focus on what I love and grow my business.

Module-Two-Kindle-CoverNow I’m sharing those techniques with others through the P.I. Machine.com

If you’d like to stop trading your hours for dollars, this is for you. Most people find it hard to believe they can invest time in a project that will continue to earn them money for years to come.

Today, I have released my second Amazon Kindle book of the P.I. Machine series: Killer Content Delivery for your Passive Income Ideas. In it, I show you how I created the materials for Learn Ventriloquism and other online products.

PLUS – If you buy it on Amazon today – Sunday March 29th between now and 5 PM EST – email me and I’ll make sure you get a bonus gift for helping the book launch!

In a few days, the blog will continue with the Bill DeMar interview. I also have some other great interviews lined up I think you will enjoy.

Until – read a book that can change your life!

Talk to you soon!