Wondering how to be a ventriloquist?

With the popularity of ventriloquists on television, in comedy clubs and on cruise ships, the art is at an all-time high.  A few years ago, most people thought ventriloquism was for kids.  Now the highest grossing touring comic in the world is a ventriloquist and the art form has a new respect.

Even with its popularity, few people understand what ventriloquism is or how to do it.  Some feel it is simply trying to talk without moving your lips.  Others believe it is a special gift or double throat that allows a ventriloquist to perform.

The truth is anyone CAN perform ventriloquism, but there are very few who learn the art properly.  That is why there are so few professional ventriloquists in the business.

One reason for this is the Internet. 

At one time, it was rare to see a ventriloquist perform.  Now people interested in the art can do a search on Youtube and find 1,000’s of videos.  The same platform allows anyone to post – and the old saying is if you can’t do – teach.  So there are 100’s of videos from armchair coaches attempting to show off and pass along their advice.

To be a ventriloquist is so much more than trying not to move your lips.  A ventriloquist must separate themselves from their character.  To do that, they need to look natural when the character is talking.  If you are stretching your lips, or concentrating on them, the illusion is shattered.  If the character cannot speak loud and clearly, the audience won’t understand.

If you want to learn how to be a ventriloquist, you need to study each phase of the art.  Breathing, vocal exercises, lip control, the ventriloquist’s alphabet, labial substitutions and modifications, diction, creating voices, vocal expression, creating a character, puppet manipulation, comedy, script writing, script memorization, staging and so much more.

These are not taught to you in a couple of Youtube videos.  These are difficult to describe in print or cover in a 60 minute DVD.

Finally, there is a new ventriloquism course available that uses time released Internet technology to teach people how to be a ventriloquist.  The information is solid, because it comes from a full time, working professional performer.  If you want to be a ventriloquist – you need to check out the course others have called:  “The next generation’s Maher course!”

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