First – an apology to all for the slow approval of the comments – I’ve been really busy with the conVENTion and had no time. Also an apology for those who were unable to comment because they are not site members – that was an anti spam feature for the blog and I believe it is now corrected.

Busy day here is Kentucky – the Junior Vent University is just getting started. This is where all the kids can go and work with pros to improve their skills. Since everyone who attends is at a different level, from beginner to polished performer, this can be difficult. Luckily, Junior Vent University is run by Liz Von Seggen with the help of Lynn Trefzger-Joy and Gary Owen. The kids are going to be in for an experience of a life time.

Lynn working with the Junior Vents in 2014

Lynn working with the Junior Vents in 2014

The adults are starting the BLOCKBUSTER WORKSHOPS! There are three lectures this morning that will repeat again at 10:30 AM. Since you can only catch two, it is important to decide which will have the biggest impact on what helps you the most. It can be a tough decision.

We’ll talk about the lectures a bit later. For now – here is the solution to yesterday’s puzzle in case you had trouble!