I’ve had people contact me after the five free lessons and say they didn’t learn anything. Some of them already perform ventriloquism and were hoping to improve their skills. Others have never done ventriloquism before. Five lessons and a bonus article and they didn’t learn a thing…

They didn’t learn the secrets of ventriloquism. They DID learn the building blocks of successful ventriloquism. The first five free lessons teach fundamentals that are built upon during the entire course. This is the way a professional ventriloquist would instruct you privately. The goal isn’t just to teach you HOW ventriloquism is done. The goal is to teach you HOW to perform ventriloquism properly.

Many ventriloquists struggle with proper pronunciation of their labial sounds – B, F, M, P & V. They say “nusic” instead of “music”, or “Gr-eak-th-ast” instead of “Breakfast”. They KNOW the words do not sound right, but they fool themselves into believing people hear the words they are trying to say. The audience knows the truth, and deep down, so does the performer.

Learn-Ventriloquism.com is NOT just another way to learn ventriloquism. It is the way to learn ventriloquism properly. With 36 lessons and bonus articles, you not only cover the basics to learn the proper methods, but study every phase of taking the talent on stage.

Sign up for your five free lessons today to learn the building blocks of the art. Then, continue the course and before you know it, you’ll amaze yourself as you entertain friends, family and audiences!