If you want to be a good ventriloquist, don’t rely on free information you find on the Internet!  A search today found a site offering 7 tips on how to be a good ventriloquist.  They even included a video!

The video encouraged you to practice grunting using “the back of your throat, the part that triggers a gag reflex.”  Seriously?   The same video asks you to substitute “Nah” for M.

Say “Nah”, now say “M”.  Do they sound alike?  No.

I laughed out loud at their explanation of how to position your jaw to make it sound like the voice was coming from above you.  The gentleman in the video must have realized this was a joke based on the way he was moving his whole head to reach these positions.

The problem with free information is that some people assume they have learned, then go out and perform using their new found “skill”.

If you want to learn ventriloquism, do it the correct way.  You can learn from a variety of sources, books, video and probably the best method, private lessons with a professional ventriloquist.  When I started, I learned from all of these methods.  I wasn’t able to buy one book, or one ventriloquism course, or one video that covered it all.  I spent thousands to learn, and it paid off big time.  I now entertain at high end corporate events, flying around the country and being paid to make people laugh.

The Learn-Ventriloquism On-Line Course is the most comprehensive course ever created to learn the art of ventriloquism.  The course combines high definition video with written instruction, professional tips and details that only a professional ventriloquist can offer.

If you really want to be a good ventriloquist, sign up today and learn ventriloquism the proper way!