Just a heads up – Starting December 28th – the Learn-Ventriloquism site will be undergoing a theme change to make it mobile friendly.

We wanted to do this with an instant switch – but can’t. Because people are constantly signing up for lessons and at different levels in the course, we can’t recreate the site and move it with everyone’s membership level intact.

Plus, the new theme doesn’t play nice with the old coding – meaning each page will need to be corrected individually. This could take between 3 – 5 days.

If you try to use the Learn-Ventriloquism site during this process, be aware you may find missing videos and missing menus.

If so, please email me: info@learn-ventriloquism.com and I will make every effort to get your lesson page corrected ASAP.

It will be a few days until we have everything corrected – but the goal is to make the website a better experience for all moving into the future.

Thanks for your patience…