I knew there was an interest in creating puppet voices, but I have been blown away with how much people have enjoyed the Vocal Versatility course!

“Thanks for Vocal Versatility, Tom. That must go down as one of your better instructional video presentations. If you have not bought Tom’s short course on Vocal Versatility then you are missing a Gem video course. “
– Dizzy Desmond

“If you have not yet purchased this program, do yourself a favor and do so. Sounds like a plug for Tom? That’s okay. There is so much here, and at $37.00 it is a real bargain. So much knowledge for so little money.”
– Gary Barlotta

“…a course that is favorably comparable with those designed for those voice overs except it is refashioned for the needs of the ventriloquist. Tom teaches this subject in a more focused, structured manner that is already bring results quicker that the other two resources I’ve tried.”
– John Morgan

Thanks so much guys – I am glad the information is helping you!

You can find out more about Vocal Versatility by clicking the image below: