In the last article, I shared the concept of video recording and reviewing your performances in short chunks.

If you didn’t read it – I recommend you start there and then come back to this post.

How-To-Be-A-VentriloquistNow, here are today’s ventriloquism tips:

To close the last post, I asked a question:


Is that short video chunk funny?

Yes, we’ll be talking script writing today.

Some people freeze when it comes to script writing. They focus on a whole script instead of building it in chunks or blocks.

So let’s focus on your two minute video chunk!

In the last article you watched that chunk several times. With each viewing, you should have isolated a skill. You took notes, right? Hopefully you worked on those areas and recorded the same routine again along with your improvements.

If you followed the tip, instead of just reading it, you did the same thing a third, a fourth and possibly a fifth time. By now, you should be REALLY good at that routine. It should look natural. Your puppet should be alive and so should you. Watch your first video and then your last recording.

See the difference? I hope so!

Now Let’s Isolate The Comedy…


A successful comedy show generates four to six laughs a minute.

That isn’t my rule. That is a comedy guideline.

Before you say: “But I’m not doing comedy…” You are. Ventriloquism is associated with comedy. Even if you are delivering a message, do you offer any laughs? Comedy.

Think about that guideline.

Lets say each laugh is a short two second chuckle. Hopefully they are longer.

Six – two second laughs would total 12 seconds of time. That leaves you with 48 seconds in your minute to create those laughs. If the laughs are longer, you have even less time. Basically you have to generate a laugh every 6 to 8 seconds.

How many words can you say in 6 to 8 seconds?

Don’t rush or no one will understand you.

Now you see why you have to sharpen your delivery. You need to edit out words that don’t add to the program.

Let’s go back and look at your short video chunk.

Do you have four to six laughs in each minute? If not, it is time to start honing your routine.

Plus you are in luck! Because if you have already watched it 5 times, chances are you are already sick of listening to it. That is when comedy gold happens.

Start thinking of smart aleck comments. Witty retorts. How can you punch up the material?

Don’t just concentrate on words. Jack Benny, one of the world’s greatest comedians, generated laughs with a simple expression. Physical comedy gets a reaction, so use it!

This doesn’t happen overnight. Put concentrated effort into listening, honing, recording, analyzing and improving that short chunk.

When that chunk shines, when you draw those laughs, then move on to the next chunk.

By building your act two minutes at a time, you’ll have something special. Remember, a Broadway play is more than just actors walking on-stage. It starts with an idea, a script, actors memorizing roles, blocking, staging, rewrites, directing and tons of rehearsal.

Don’t let your performance become amateur hour. Don’t be good enough.

In the past two articles I’ve given you the secret to taking your act to the next level.

Be your best. You can do it. I know you can.

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