In an effort to keep improving the site, I am happy to announce several course updates.  During December we added a Practice Scripts e-book that not only provides students with some great practice material, but a look at ways to modify material to suit your own act.  Five original scripts were provided by Tim Arends and then I took the liberty of reworking them to better fit my style of performing.  We give you both versions so you can use the material and see the difference.  The 53 page e-book is located in Lesson 18.

Another bonus is a short practice dialog from Bill DeMar.  We have additional material provided by Bill that will soon be added to the course.

Finally, Tony Award Winning Ventriloquist Jay Johnson is featured in a short video clip where he talks with me about manipulation of puppet and ventriloquist.  This segment is from the upcoming Discussions On Showmanship Master Class.  I wanted to include this segment because it gives beginners an incredible insight into a problem many don’t realize they face.

Existing members get immediate access to these updates at no charge.  New students get even more information and help!  But I’m not finished.  More updates will be released during 2013!