More Information On Learning Ventriloquism

Learn VentriloquismYou left the fifth free lesson and didn’t sign up.
I’m wondering why.

Maybe you didn’t really want to LEARN ventriloquism. Perhaps you were just curious as to how it is done. But if that were true, you probably wouldn’t have visited this page.

Maybe you thought – who is this guy anyway? What qualifies him to teach ventriloquism? Fair enough – this link opens my professional web site in a new window. Take a look at what I do. Watch my videos and read my references. I’ll wait…

I’m a working pro and earn my living as a ventriloquist. I know this art, and I can help make your learning curve shorter.

Maybe you felt like you haven’t learned any ventriloquism yet. But that isn’t true. Like anything you want to learn, you need to start with the basics. A skill built on a solid foundation, is going to take you further. And after all, the name of the site includes “LEARN”, so that is the goal.

Listen To What Professional Ventriloquist, AGT Star and Branson Headliner Todd Oliver, has to say about private lessons:

Todd paid $400 for four lessons! This entire course is only $97!

The course includes a total of 36 Lessons!

Plus there are additional tips and suggestions to help you advance in the art. Let me share with you everything you will receive when you sign up and complete the course:

You will learn:

  • The Proper Ventriloquist Mouth Position,
  • The Ventriloquist’s Alphabet
  • Practice Tips And Techniques
  • How To Say Words Clearly
  • The Proper Way To Say “M” Without Using Your Lips
  • Creating The F & V Sound With And Without Substitutions
  • Rapid Improvement – How To Get Good – FAST!
  • How To Actually Make A “P” (Keep It Clean Folks!)
  • Saying “B” – Not Just Thinking It!
  • Creating The Distance Voice
  • How To Bring Your Puppet To Life:
      • Creating A Character Profile
      • Discovering Your Character’s Abilities
      • Realistic Manipulation
      • Lip Syncing Your Character
      • How To Talk The Room – This Is HUGE!
  • Creating A Joke File
  • How To Write Comedy
  • Bonus Practice Scripts And Dialogs By Tom Crowl, Timothy Arends, Bill DeMar and Neale Bacon
  • Script Writing – Chunk Style
  • Script Memorization Techniques
  • Effective Chunk Practice
  • How To Work With A Sound System
  • Setting Up The Show – Thinking Sound, Trunks And Props
  • Pre-Show Preparation
  • Show Practice And
  • How To Get Shows

You will have instant access to the Members Only Forum where you can talk and share ideas with other ventriloquists.

If That Wasn’t Enough –
And Judging By The Fact You Haven’t Clicked The Purchase Button –
It Isn’t…

When you complete the course – you will receive:

  • TWO $50 Coupons Toward The Purchase of Custom Professional Ventriloquist Puppets
  • A $100 Discount Toward A Professionally Designed Web Site
  • And
  • Other Special Offers That Are Constantly Being Created!

All Designed To Make This Course More Valuable Than You Can Imagine.
Plus, you will have mastered a skill that allows you to earn money making other people laugh!

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If you sign up and aren’t thrilled, cancel before Lesson 11 and receive a full refund.

There’s no risk – only reward. What are you waiting for? Join The Fun Inside.

Tom Crowl –