Another Learn Ventriloquism course review is here – and I’d like to thank Frank Westcott for sharing his experience:


I took the “Learn-Ventriloquism” a couple of years ago. I had been a ventriloquist for nearly 40 years at the time but not real active. I wanted to get back into Vent more regularly and felt that I needed a refresher course. I took the Mahar course when I was first married which was an excellent course. With modern technology I felt this could be helpful and fun. I was not disappointed with the course. It help me learn new things, reminded me of things I had learned 40 years before and had forgotten. It was a course that I would recommend to anyone that wishes to be a Vent or wants a good refresher course. You could always ask Tom any questions and he would get back to you and was most willing to help.

I have recently taken a new church and the people just love having one of my Vent figures come once a month. I have never been an adlibber but have done some as I do a routine in church and I feel it was because of the course that has given me the confidence to do this. When I first came to this church I was interview with my Vent figure on TV, all adlibbed. This Sunday I will do something in church with my Vent Figure and the same man whose program (smaller town TV Station) will tape it and have it on TV next weekend.

The “Learn-Ventriloquism” course has given me a new confidence and help make Venting fun again.

Frank Westcott


Again, thank you for taking the time to share Frank!