A review by Ian Mac

I’m taking this opportunity to write a review of the “Learn Ventriloquism” online ventriloquism course. Before I start the review I thought I would give a little bit of my background and how I became aware of the course.

My Backround

I have been a full time children’s entertainer for about the past 7 years and prior to that I did children’s shows at the weekend alongside working in a magic shop, packing orders and counter demonstrations when people came into the shop and meeting some great people and making many new friends along the way. I have always used silent puppets in my shows a favourite being an Old English sheepdog called Benji. From the very beginning I noticed the reaction from everyone when he took part in the show. He was the star of the show and got me rebooking after rebooking; his personality soon developed and is still a main part of my shows today. I searched for other puppets that I could use within my shows and I looked at hundreds of different characters of all different kinds but they were all lacking something that would make them different to Benji. A good friend of mine and fellow children’s entertainer invited me down to have a look at his shows that he performed on a regular basis. The first was a comedy magic show and the second was a magic with puppets show. That’s when it hit me, BANG! I need to vent, I needed to learn ventriloquism and I wanted to learn it yesterday. The show was so inspiring and after the show we sat down and he gave me some direction. I had looked at learning to vent before and trolled the internet looking for methods and tips but I was making no head way at all and put it on the back boiler while Benji continued to work his magic. Later on I was talking to a friend on Facebook and he recommended that if I’m serious about wanting to learn and I was willing to put in the work there is an online course by Tom Crowl. I hadn’t heard of the course and didn’t want to spend time and money on something that wasn’t right for me, but I had a lot of respect and admiration for the person that recommended the course and searched it out. First five lessons free! What could I loose apart from a week in my life, so here we begin.

Learn Ventriloquism Free Lessons Signing up and logging in

I did a quick google search for the course and found it really easy, it was the top hit. I clicked on the link and registered for the first five free lessons. Ian-2On entering the site I watched an introduction video on how the course works and how to navigate the site. All easy to follow so off I went to lesson one on breathing. What! I wanted to learn ventriloquism, I have been breathing for half a century I don’t need to learn how to breathe. I quickly went through the instructional video by Tom and thought ok that’s done and dusted. I waited for the release of number two which was as promised 24 hours after the release of the first lesson. Lesson two; tongue exercises to build up the tongue muscle which I went through and waited for number three then four then five with an additional lesson making a total of six free lessons. At this point I had listened to Tom’s videos and read the accompanying written tuition to each lesson. Little did I realise at the time that these first lessons that were free were so important to the whole process. Once a lesson was released I could keep watching and reading the lessons over and over again which I did for about two weeks while debating whether to continue the course and pay my money. I decided to go ahead and sign up for the full course so I paid my money and continued through the course.

Learn Ventriloquism Full Course

The remainder of the course was delivered as promised in 24 hour increments and structured in a way that each lesson followed on from the previous lesson covering all the letters and those dreaded labials. Tom gets right up close to the camera so that you can see tongue position for the letters; each video is accompanied with a written lesson with additional exercises and written instruction on each lesson with work cards to practice and develop the sound. The course also covered finding the correct puppet/figure and creating a character for that puppet. Writing scripts and joke files is covered to help develop your performance. There are several free scripts to get you on your way and Tom shows you how to write scripts and joke files for your shows. Tom also shares tips on creating and developing your show and how to take your show into the real world. The course also covers puppet manipulation with some great examples of manipulation. The help and support all the way through the course has been exceptional and continues to be so even though I have completed the course. There is a member’s forum in place where all members post and share ideas on the different subjects covered in the course. Members discuss the lessons and talk about any obstacles they have had during the learning process and give advice on how to overcome these. Tom is also on the forums to answer any questions you may have and give advice on individual questions. I have not had any issues throughout the learning process that Tom has not addressed and advised and helped me over come.

Learn Ventriloquism Final Thoughts

When I first started the course I was eager to get into the guts of Ventriloquism and didn’t realise how important those first five lessons were to the foundation of my learning ventriloquism. The course is well structured with clear objectives and instruction that can be revisited and revisited over and over again. I continue to enjoy the course material and the support from Tom; I would gladly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn ventriloquism. (Except my competitors I want them to stay below par lol) [divider_bar_wide]divider[/divider_bar_wide] I want to thank Ian for sharing his thoughts on the course. If you have any additional questions, or would like to learn more about Ian, please visit his web site at: http://www.needamagician.co.uk

Tom Crowl


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