How does a ventriloquist throw his voice?  Despite all the junk you will read on the Internet – no one can actually ‘throw’ their voice.  The voice continues to come from the throat and vocal cords.  A ventriloquist makes it appear they can throw their voice using several techniques that create the illusion of voice tossing.

Hearing is not an accurate sense.  The human ear cannot triangulate where a sound is coming from.  A ventriloquist is able to use that information to fool the ear and the eye, to create the illusion they throw their voice.

For a stage ventriloquist, simply keeping their lips still, and synchronizing a puppet’s mouth, convinces the ear and eye into believing the puppet is talking.  The audience needs to be at least 10 feet from the performer to create this illusion.

Distant Ventriloquism creates the illusion a ventriloquist can throw their voice much further.  By varying the voice’s level and modulation, a skilled performer can make it sound as though the voice is coming from far away.  In order for this to be effective, the voice must appear to originate further away from the spectator than the ventriloquist is.  You cannot “throw” your voice behind someone you are in front of.

Using tone modulation, still lips and knowledge of how the ear hears sound, anyone can throw their voice like a ventriloquist if they receive the proper training.   To learn ventriloquism and be a ventriloquist: