Ventriloquists and students are raving about the Learn-Ventriloquism Virtual Lesson Ventriloquist Course.  Since its creation, I’ve had tons of positive feedback.  It has been extremely rewarding to hear when people get that “Aha!” moment and realize they can perform the art correctly.


“This is a great course…
You have done a fantastic job of capturing what is difficult to describe.

Well thought out. Well presented.”

David Crone, I’mNoDummy Productions

I’ve also heard from some, that they cannot afford the course.  For that reason, I finally agreed to create a series of eBooks.  Each book covers a different area of the art.  They consist of written instructions, homework cards and information sheets from the online course.

Learn Ventriloquism eBook Set

The Learn-Ventriloquism eBooks do not contain any fluff.  They are to the point and written so you can understand the concepts.  These books will help you get started on the road to learning ventriloquism and becoming a better ventriloquist.

I have divided the course into three books.  A total of 38 lessons, the original 36 lessons plus the two bonus articles.   To keep the eBooks on topic, the online lessons have been rearranged.  These books comprise their own course, although I still highly recommend the virtual lessons and videos for a clearer understanding.


As an additional bonus – I have created special membership levels for eBook owners.
You will be able to purchase immediate access to each book’s video lessons if desired.
Details are included in each book.

No Waiting!

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BOOK 1 – Basic Techniques

This ebook covers breathing, tongue exercises, proper ventriloquist mouth position, lip control, the ventriloquist’s alphabet, the labial letters, distant ventriloquism and practice tips.  A total of 16 lessons.

eBook 1 – $35.00


BOOK 2 – Character Creation, Puppet Manipulation & Practice Techniques.

From a discussion of puppets to creating a believable character, these lessons cover character profiles, manipulation skills, creating expressions, practicing dialogs, getting to know your character in depth and a method for rapid improvement of all your ventriloquist skills.  A total of 12 lessons.

eBook 2 – $25.00


BOOK 3 – Comedy, Script Writing & Creating A Show

The final book in the series discusses original comedy and joke files.  There is a three lesson series on creating “chunk” scripts.  What they are, how to write a chunk, modify the material and how to practice the chunk for best possible performance results.  Lessons also include setting up your show, practicing for shows, performance tips, pre-show advice and the basics on getting shows.  A total of 10 lessons.

eBook 3 – $20.00


The Learn-Ventriloquism eBooks Complete Set:

All Three eBooks Only – $70.00

“I loved Tom’s course! Beginners will learn the art of ventriloquism properly
from the ground up,and experienced vents will be able to refresh their basics.
…Tom is offering a real valuable resource to the vent community and beyond!”

Neale Bacon, Neale Bacon and His Crazy Critters


Now you can get started on a fun hobby that has become a career for so many!

I also highly recommend the Maher Course Of Ventriloquism available on Amazon! Just click the image below for more details: