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This Is Only For Members Currently Going Through The Learn-Ventriloquism Course:
To coordinate the e-mail time with the release time of your lessons – after the system makes your next lesson available – return to this page and sign up before watching it. That way the auto responder should start sending your e-mails following the lesson release time! Otherwise, realize the e-mails may reach you prior to your lesson being available on the site.

When You Sign Up below – Please check your e-mail within ten minutes to see if you received the Lesson Six e-mail!  If you did, reply to it and let me know what lesson you are currently on. I will then update the responder so you get that lesson’s e-mail.

If you get a confirmation e-mail, you must click on the enclosed link so the lesson e-mails can start.  Apologies for an extra step, but it is an important part of getting the e-mails to you.




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