The other day I watched a video from the Learn-Ventriloquism Course. Wow – I was shocked.

The video was nowhere near what I remembered.

The quality of the clip just wasn’t what I want for this site. You deserve better.

Granted, this site was started in 2012. Back then I shot the clips with the best camera I could afford at the time. But technology has changed. Dramatically!

For that reason, this fall I have scheduled time to reshoot all of the original Learn-Ventriloquism clips in super high definition 4K.

I intend to start at the beginning and work my way through, replacing older clips as I go. So you may see a crisp super clear video one day, and the next lesson be wondering what happened! Don’t worry, I will get them all updated as quickly as I can once I start.

If your Internet speed can’t handle the super HD quality of 4K video, it won’t be a problem. Our video hosting company will have options for you to play lessons in 4K, HD 1080, HD 720 & even Standard Definition.

If you are an existing member of Learn-Ventriloquism, you will get this upgrade too.

So please, bear with me until later this fall, when will be updated to continue to serve you!