Yesterday I received a call from Matt Bailey. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Matt, he is one of ventriloquism’s future leaders.

A couple of years ago, Matt started a podcast called Ventriloquism Weekly. I remember when he started, we talked because he was concerned I might be upset. At the time I was doing video interviews on the blog. Matt didn’t want to “step on my toes.” Interviews weren’t my creation, anyone can do them and I encouraged him to move forward.

Over the past two years, Matt has done a great job, interviewing so many involved with the art. As a matter of fact, I stopped doing my interviews. The community is small and I saw no need to continue when his show would overlap.

In early February 0f 2015, Julian Mather and Ken Kelly, who host the Magician Business podcast approached me. They wondered if I would write an article for their new Kids Entertainer Hub. I’m not much of a writer, so I offered to do video articles instead. I was in the midst of a lot of projects at the time so I asked them to come up with a name. They threw it back to me, and I grabbed the title “Talking-4-2”.

“Talking-4-2”, “talking for two” and “talk for two” is not a new phrase in the ventriloquism community. The phrase appears in the Detweiler version of the Maher Course of Ventriloquism. (Which, as a partner in Maher Studios, I was responsible for bringing to Kindle.) Several ventriloquists use the email address “talkingfortwo.” I even used the phrase in my own online video course.

I also knew that Matt was using the phrase to sign off his Ventriloquism Weekly podcasts.

Still, the fact it was in use and print before that, I saw no problem. I thought nothing of the phrase other than the fact it pertained to ventriloquism.

The first four of six videos were produced and delivered to the Kids Entertainer Hub by the end of February.

A couple of months later, Matt mentioned to me in a conversation he was expanding his guest list beyond ventriloquists. The ventriloquism community is limited in size, and Matt wanted to grow his audience. He told me he would be calling the “new” podcast Talk For Two.

That didn’t raise any flags for me because the videos were finished product and in the hands of KEH. I saw no similarities or conflicts between the projects. One is a vent tips video for children’s entertainers. The second is a podcast that features guest interviews.

Once Matt’s new podcast released, I did determine that I would rename the series on KEH – Tom’s Tips. I saw no need to go back and “redo” the earlier videos.

Now back to Matt’s call yesterday.

During the conversation he expressed his concern about the KEH video articles. Apparently some of his listeners also are on the KEH. They saw my videos were titled “Talking-4-2” and mentioned it to him. He was concerned that people would become confused.

I assured Matt that the video article’s name would be changed. The concept was already in the works.

I post this here for the few that were worried there was a problem.

For those of you who were not aware of my work on Kids Entertainer Hub I invite you to check out the videos here: – you will also find articles from Mark Wade and John Kimmons.

I’d also like to invite you to check out the new Maher Ventriloquist Radio – starting tomorrow at:

And finally, if you are not familiar with Matt’s podcast, you can find it here: