What People Are Saying…

[testimonial1_arial author=”David Crone, I’mNoDummy Productions”]

“This is a great course… You have done a fantastic job of capturing what is difficult to describe. Well thought out.
Well presented.”


[testimonial1_arial author=”Neale Bacon, Neale Bacon and His Crazy Critters”]

“I loved Tom’s course! There is nothing like this out there. Beginners will learn the art of ventriloquism properly from the ground up, and experienced vents will be able to refresh their basics. With the extras and bonuses, Tom is offering a real valuable resource to the vent community and beyond!”


[testimonial1_arial author=”Margaret Davis, TalkingHand LLC”]

“GREAT!  This is going to help new vents sooooo much.
Well done!”


[testimonial1_arial author=”Steve and JET, The Dummy Shoppe”]

“Thank you so much for the wonderful new course you have put out on learning Ventriloquism. Even though JET and I are both just makers, we are seeking to learn some ventriloquism in order to better serve our Vent customers. The more we know about what they go through on stage, the more we can tailor our puppets to make life easy on them.

Your new course is helping us in many ways to achieve that goal. We like the way the lesson plans are laid out just like building blocks. Start with a solid foundation of understanding and then build on the foundation with the fundamental steps of learning the craft. We believe that your course will soon be the benchmark in learning ventriloquism for the 21st century.

Thanks again for all the effort
you have put into creating this program.”


[testimonial1_arial author=”David Pitts, MrPitts.com”]

“I sure wish we had something like this when I was starting out. The course is clear and concise, easy to understand, very well made and just fun to watch too. I’ve been doing ventriloquism since I was a kid but I’m having a great time, and actually sharpening my skills, going through this course.

The incremental lessons are brilliant because they get impatient students like myself to focus on the foundations.

Tom really knows his subject and
more importantly, knows how to teach it.”