If you are looking for a quick ventriloquism tutorial, be prepared to be disappointed.  Ventriloquism is often misunderstood because there are so many people who don’t take the time to study the skills and techniques.  Like a bad magician that exposes their secrets, there are tons of people doing bad ventriloquism.  If you don’t take the proper time to learn ventriloquism and practice, why bother?

The Internet is filled with ventriloquism tutorials from armchair coaches.  They know enough to teach what they believe are the basic techniques.  Some have even mastered the skill of still lips.  And for a quick tutorial on ventriloquism, you can learn a few of the basics.  Don’t expect them to be easy and don’t expect them to be correct.  With free tutorials, you get your money’s worth.

To learn ventriloquism, I studied every course I could find.  I have books, written courses, VHS courses (I’m that old) DVD video courses and all of them helped, but also left questions.  It wasn’t until I took private lessons with a professional ventriloquist that the answers were revealed.

Video and books have a common problem.  People don’t always stop to practice the skills.  They watch the video beginning to end, or jump around in the book.  As a result, they don’t practice the skills that would help them perfect the techniques.

Private lessons prevent that.  The instructor is able to give students something to work on.  The skills build upon each other, and the student learns properly.   Unfortunately, not everyone can afford private lessons.

The plethora of incorrect and bad information left me looking for a way to help others.  I found it in a time released software that allowed information to be automatically spoon fed to subscribers.  As a Learn-Ventriloquism.com student, you receive virtual lessons that cover everything from basic skills to presentational tips.  You can go from 0 to on stage if you practice and follow the advice.

Give it a try – you have nothing to lose and a world of fun to gain!

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