Over the last few posts, I realized that I have been kind of harsh regarding some of the available information on ventriloquism.  The problem isn’t the fact the information is available.  The problem is, the information is WRONG.

I had a bit of free time to day and went poking around the Internet again.  Must be a glutton for punishment, because I found something else to drive me insane…

When people take my on-line ventriloquism course, I tend to get a lot of emails around lesson twenty- three.  Lesson Twenty-Three teaches you how to master the labial ‘P’.  You cannot say the letterP’ without using your lips.  This means you have to use a sound substitution. In the e-mails, students tell me they never thought they could get a ‘P’ that sounded correct until I showed them the proper method.

As I was browsing through a free ventriloquist lesson web site, the instructor advised students to use the letter/sound substitute “kL”, creating a “guttural sound in the back of the throat”.  I’m not sure where they learned this technique that was so freely shared – but it is incorrect.

I kL-ray I never have to sit in an audience and watch that “ventriloquist” kL-erform.  I doubt I could sit through the show if they kL-actice what they  kL-reach.

Avoid the misinformation.  If you want to be a ventriloquist, learn ventriloquism from someone who actually earns their living entertaining audiences as a ventriloquist and Preaches what they Practice…