Ventriloquists have been entertaining crowds since the days of Vaudeville and classic radio. Generations were endeared to radio legends like Edgar Bergen and his dummy friends, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. Many of us grew up watching Shari Lewis and her menagerie of puppets. Who can forget the bawdy comments and cackles of the flamboyant Madame and her human sidekick, Wayland Flowers?

Many of these gifted stars inspired fans to try to learn ventriloquism. Thanks to modern day ventriloquist geniuses like Jeff Dunham and his dummies, a new generation is trying their hand and voices to learn. There are some books and websites that attempt to tutor aspiring ventriloquists; however, it can be frustrating to learn a spoken art from a book. Likewise, the majority of websites for ventriloquism are confusing and do not allow students to see the techniques on camera that can be paused and repeated for mastery. It is nearly impossible to try to learn such an art with diagrams or brief tutorials. It can often make the student wonder who the dummy is.

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If you have ever considered the prices of other professional ventriloquist coaching, you will find that it can really be expensive. With, Tom uses his years of experience to offer students 36 virtual lessons for what one may pay for a single lesson from other professionals. He is so sure that ventriloquist enthusiasts will enjoy learning from his online course, that he is offering five free lessons. Imagine being able to watch a professional teach you from your computer in the privacy of your own home. Did you want to see a technique again for practice? Simply hit repeat and watch the session as many times as you want until you have it. Before long, you can use the skills you have acquired to entertain friends and family. If you are serious about learning something fun, then this web course is for you.