Right now, ConVENTioneers are going nuts buying raffle tickets to benefit the VH Museum and possibly win some incredible prizes. Check out this video to get an idea of why so many in this community love to help support this unique museum that helps preserve the history of our art!

Now it is time for all HomeVENTioneers
to join in and help support the Vent Haven Museum!

We are announcing our own on-line raffle!  Go to: The Vent Haven Museum Donation page and make your tax deductible donation now!  Vent Haven Museum will notify me with the name of the person that makes the highest donation. (Amounts will remain anonymous.)

The HomeVENTioneer that makes the largest donation*
will win a $100 Axtell Expressions Gift Certificate!

So donate now to create a winning situation for you and the Vent Haven Museum!

(* – To be eligible for this prize – the donations must be received before 12:00 noon (EST) on Saturday July 26, 2014. Donations can be made using PayPal for an easy on-line payment or by check. If paying by check, please include the phrase HomeVENTion raffle donation when you send it, so the Museum knows to include your donation in this raffle. Donations of props or other items will not count toward this raffle. Go to the Vent Haven Museum Donation page for more details on making your contribution.)

Help The Museum Even More! After Making Your Donation, Share This Post With Your Friends And Followers!

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