We’ve had an incredible time in Kentucky this year. The All-Star show was a hit and now things are starting to wind down. In the show room, I’m working with Ken Groves, Mark Truman and the Petersens to tear down and load out the sound and lighting. Occasionally work stops as friends come in to say goodbye and thank us for all we do to keep things running.

Other vents are in the dealers rooms, making last minute purchases and placing custom orders for new figures. In the atrium, groups are sitting, talking and wishing they didn’t have to leave. The friendships are amazing, the companionship is fulfilling and there is so much to do over the four days, that it seems to end too soon.

As people begin to drift through the halls, some head for bed, others head to the hospitality room. It seems to stay open all night. Last year I stopped by after closing down the showroom. At 3:30 AM I had to beg off to get some rest – and the rooms were still packed with friends who didn’t want the night to end.

There was only one thing missing from the conVENTion this year – and that was you – the HomeVENTioneers. If you enjoyed the HomeVENTion, if it made you feel connected in any way, I’m happy. But it pales in comparison to the real thing.

You’ve made friends on forums. You’ve made friends on social media. Imagine meeting them in person, in an environment that stimulates your creativity while it strengthens your friendships, your skills and your love of ventriloquism.

Some say the expense of attending conVENTion is too much. With travel, rooms, meals and registration (which is the least expensive part) it can add up. BUT – you would get so much out of it. There are amateur ventriloquists who wouldn’t miss it for the world. The pros not only spend money to attend and teach, they pass up work to be there. Why? Because it is amazing. And you should be there too.

So tonight, there is no dealers room. Put back those couple of dollars into a fund. This year, avoid buying that new puppet, or new figure, and instead, put it in the fund. Take the fee from one or two shows a month, and put them in the fund. And don’t pull out of it until you have enough to join us. You’ll thank me when you get there!

I’ll hope to see you next year. Goodnight.