Once you know ventriloquism, chances are you will want to do some shows. People always ask me, “How can I get work?” The answer is, you have to let them know you do shows! In today’s world, it is difficult to be noticed, but that is exactly what you need to do if you want people to hire your act.

Use your creativity, after all, you are a performer and when on-stage command an audience’s attention. (If not, practice so you can!) So how can you be noticed?

During one of my photo shoots – we did a picture with the whiteboard that you see on the left. Using a photo program, I can add any message I want to the board. When the Aflac Duck was supposedly injured, the company ran a series of commercials about his recovery. They even had a web site where you could send get well wishes.  We posted this photo there and on their FaceBook pages with links to us.

My FaceBook friends received personalized picture birthday wishes using the same method. Later, we created some birthday videos too. People watched these and took notice. In fact, a lot of people started copying the idea – which is why I moved on to other concepts.

Not to long ago, I simply contacted the local newspaper about a project I was working on. They found it fascinating and the resulting article blew me away.

Today – ask yourself, what can I do to be noticed. Do it with class – don’t try to be a “reality show celebrity.” When you stand out with class – it opens plenty of doors. I hope you’ll show me what you develop! Send them to me and we’ll feature you on a future blog post!