Currently at the Airport Marriott & Convention Center, there are over 500 ventriloquists from around the world gathering in the lobby and atrium areas. Friends from FaceBook and forums are meeting for the very first time. Others are long time conVENTion attendees who are greeting their old friends as if a part of the family.

One thing I constantly hear is how open and friendly the community is. This even comes from people who have never had the chance to meet other ventriloquists in person.

When you talk to friends on the phone, or communicate via social media posts, it pales in comparison to when you actually get together to hang out and have fun. Now imagine that with the vent community!

While the HomeVENTion is around to help you feel connected, it pales in comparison to actually being a part of the family in Kentucky.

First timers in Kentucky have just entered the main showroom to learn how things operate at the Vent Haven ConVENTion. You can tell the newbies by a red dot on their badges. This helps us to find the first timers and go above and beyond to welcome them. This orientation explains where things are at the Marriott, introduces them to the key people and makes them feel at home.

For first timers here – you will need to register in the comments on one of the first two 2015 HomeVENTion posts by including your name and where you are from. Then make sure you are signed up to receive the blog updates. (That form is in the upper right hand menu.)

We will release posts several times a day during the conVENTion to keep you updated on what is happening in Kentucky, and give you activities here on the site.

So make sure you are registered and we’ll get started soon!