If you try to learn the art of ventriloquism from free information on the Internet, you are going to have to sort through a lot of trash. The topic is full of armchair coaches and “wannabes”. People try to pass themselves off as experts when they have little experience. Others attempt to monetize a web site for a specific topic and prey upon the novice looking for information.

Today I want to de-bunk some of the “expert advice” I’ve seen being shared freely.

1. Using a sound substitution, if you go fast over a letter, people’s brains will automatically fill in the blank. Nope. Doesn’t work that way. Yes, people will be able to understand a word, but they will realize something is wrong. Your diction will not be clear. And comedy does not distract them from realizing you are not speaking clearly.

2. Replace B with G or “Geh”. Say the word “Geh-ase geh-all”. Or “G-ase g-all” Do you really think anyone is going to believe you just said Baseball? No.
The problem is – most “ventriloquists” DO NOT UNDERSTAND how sound substitutions actually work. They spread nonsense and others believe them. Thus, we end up with a whole lot of really bad ventriloquists.

Do you want to learn ventriloquism? Then do it the right way. I guarantee you my course will teach you how to make the proper sound substitutions, and you will, with practice, actually be able to say the letter ‘B’ without moving your lips.

Don’t be like the armchair wannabes. Learn how to perform ventriloquism properly.

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